Name change

NOFAS-UK will be changing its name to the National Organisation for FASD. This reflects a national shift in thinking. FASD is finally being recognised by the Department of Health and NICE as a spectrum that has less to do with what a person’s face looks like and more to do with how alcohol exposure in the womb impacts how the brain and body develops. Over coming weeks and months they will be rebranding and updating their website with a fresh new look.

They’re launching a public outreach campaign aimed at young adults

Thanks to a generous 3-year grant from the Sylvia Adams Trust, they are launching a new FASD prevention project, “Educating Young People about the Risks of Alcohol in Pregnancy” aimed at reaching young adults in the 15- to 25-year old range. They believe this next generation will be the one to change things.

They are launching this campaign in coming weeks via a new prevention-focused website that will include new resources, including an award-winning film by Frogspawn Film. This prevention campaign will be a positive, supportive public campaign targeted at young people, empowering them to spread the word about the importance of alcohol-free pregnancy and promoting healthy pregnancies. The project will include a national competition so that we can learn from and share ideas generated by young people. This project will have a heavy focus on social media.

The project will kick off at the end of April 2020, they have been invited to be part of a national campaign by a major media personality.

This project also will help develop and amplify the capacity of individuals with FASD, parents, carers and guardians to work with the media. It will help schools and local businesses to raise awareness of the risks of alcohol in pregnancy and increase the profile of FASD more generally. They will provide resources and materials that can be shared with pubs, with schools and with local media. They are establishing an advisory committee of young adults for this project. More soon!  (Read more…)