Some big news from FASD ONE regarding Education and FASD, please feel free to share and keep the conversation going!

October 29, 2020 Dear Ontario FASD “Family” Members:

This is for YOU if you have FASD, have a family member with FASD, support a person(s) with FASD, know someone with FASD, research FASD… and/or are interested in FASD in any other way. This is for YOU.

We ask you to forward this message to EVERYONE you know who cares about FASD, put it on Facebook and tweet it out far and wide. Look for opportunities to tell others about the great progress that has been made on Ontario FASD Bill 172.

The FASD ONE Education Action Group (EAG) got great news yesterday!  MPP Kathleen Wynne (Ontario Premier 2013-2018) will sponsor the Second Reading of Bill 172 – An Act in Relation to FASD next Tuesday night at 6:00 pm. That is Tuesday November 3, 2020.

We hope many of you will watch and listen to Second Reading of Bill 172. TO DO THIS PLEASE GO TO about 5:55 pm on Tuesday November 3, 2020.

What to Expect of the Second Reading: MPP Wynne will speak in support of the bill, and each recognized party will have a chance to speak afterwards. Then MPP Wynne will have a short time to reply. Voting on the Bill will follow.  Because of COVID many MPPs will not be there so don’t be shocked by that. All Ontario Bills must go through this procedure.

More Information: Please find two more documents to give you consistent background knowledge on Bill 172. This will allow our Ontario FASD Community to all be “on the same page” about this bill as we get started on the journey ahead of us here. If passed Ontario would be the first Canadian province/territory to pass a FASD Bill like this one.

Documents Attached:

  1. What you need to know about Ontario’s FASD Bill 172
  2. Statement from MPP Kathleen Wynne regarding Bill 172

After the Second Reading: The FASD ONE EAG will evaluate how the second reading of Bill 172 goes on Nov. 3 and we plan to suggest  Next Steps that will  allow anyone interested in  FASD to work together and promote the passage of Bill 172.  The EAG would appreciate your feedback on what you learn at the Second Reading and also YOUR good ideas to use as we work together in the future.
Please forward your comments/ideas to

Thank you for helping us to spread this knowledge far and wide.

This will give all of us something new and positive to help us through this “time of COVID”.

Mary Cunningham