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Fetal Alcohol and the

Type:  Video
Description: Information on how brain damage caused because of FASD plays a role in problems with the law; avoiding problems with the law; why people with FASD have more problems with the law (9 minutes)

A First Nations
Community Response to FASD

Type:  Video
Description: Webcast of community based, culturally informed and collective ways to respond to FASD; FASD best practices and First Nation traditional values (2 hours)

Alcool – Sommaire
canadien sur la drogue

Type:  PDF
Description: Summarizes data on the use and risky use of alcohol, including information on drinking patterns, effects on youth and older adults, legal status, costs and impact on health care. The data is presented in the context of Canada’s Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines in order to inform decision makers on reducing alcohol related harms.

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Services et assistance

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