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Please joins us for this exciting workshop! FASD & Neurodevelopmental Service Planning With Sheila Burns.


Sheila has been an FASD instructor, coach and consultant since 2002. Sheila is a strong advocate for improving the way FASD is addressed at local levels where those with FASD live, learn and work. Sheila focuses on capacity-building within the context of the existing system of care for the prevention, management and diagnosis of the disability.

This workshop is designed for professionals who have some knowledge of FASD and who are responsible for explaining the needs of clients and organizing care priorities.


  • Explore fresh ways of identifying, understanding and prioritizing the needs of clients with atypical neurodevelopment.
  • Using the framework of the FASD diagnostic guidelines, this workshop will help shift service planning to incorporate FASD-informed practice.
  • Assist you to feel confident as we move towards change for those affected by FASD or other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Light refreshments will be provided.

To register please email: or call (705) 476-5437 ext. 3834 **Space is limited