Project Description

The purpose of this self-learning course is to provide up-to-date training and information to health care providers to address alcohol use by women of reproductive age and pregnant women, by introducing strategies for health promotion, early detection and motivation for change in this specific population group.

The online course “Alcohol Use, Women’s Health and Pregnancy: Comprehensive Approaches to Preventing Problems Associated with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure”, is an initiative of the Pan American Health Organization. In 7 modules and final evaluation, this free self-learning tool primarily aims to capacitate health professionals in addressing issues related to alcohol use by women of reproductive age and pregnant women by touching on strategies for early detection, motivation for change and health promotion in this target group.

The theme areas covered in the course include:

  • Background on alcohol use and women’s health
  • Background on alcohol use and health of the pregnant woman
  • Implications of alcohol use in gestation for the fetus and child
  • Problems of alcohol as related to family relationships
  • Identification of alcohol use during pregnancy
  • Brief interventions and treatment
  • Implementation and health promotion