Project Description

Type: Online self-directed learning course
Language: English
Cost: $80
More Information:

This course is an advanced training course intended for all educators working with students with FASD including all administrators, teachers, educational assistants, ECE’s, office admin, Board personnel and bus drivers. This Level 2 training course, building on the Level 1 Foundations in FASD course, provides the perspective of individuals who have FASD and their caregivers, is evidence-based and current, employs a culturally sensitive approach, and is presented in a way that is responsive to educators.

Topics in this course include:

  • A review of the key points of the Foundations Level I course
  • Characteristics of a FASD-Friendly school
  • Teaching strategies for students with FASD
  • The importance of educator/caregiver collaboration
  • Instructional, environmental, and assessment strategies in the classroom
  • Transitions facing students with FASD